• Darren became a registered member 6 years ago

    • Welcome Merlin, aka merlin01.

      • G’day Killer,
        Cheers for the invite, and great to see you holding up the flag of AF!!!! 🙂

      • You got that new rig sorted yet Merlin?

        • Workin’ on it mate – I’m no expert at this kind of thing and I don’t want to screw anything up, so I’ll be taking my time. I just hope I don’t break/fry/cook/melt/short/step on/ something during the building process. 🙂

    • Well I can see you logged in OK, good luck figuring out how this whacky site works

      • Yep, logged in and clueless 🙂
        Reminds me of some of our campaign missions 😉

    • Welcome 🙂

    • Sting replied 6 years ago

      Hey Merlin good to see you again. I guess the old adge is true “you never leave falcon, just extended breaks”. 🙂

      • Hey man, Good to see you too!!!
        Last time I flew with you, you were a LOMAC king as well 😉

    • welcome Merlin , every Killer’s friend , is friend of mine …