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  • igorry posted an update 7 years, 3 months ago


    Hi Killer, timezone is +8.00 GMT. Are you guys in Australian time zone? When do you guys normally fly? I would like to you join you in your flights.

    • Most of us here are around GMT +10. Qld Australia for me, sounds like you are in WA?

    • Is there a way we can meet in ts or chat and do some flying? I can join you during your evening time.

    • The Teamspeak image on the rigt will take you to a public teamspeak Server within which we have a Channel “101st Awesome Force”. Look for the likes of Coco, Eldiablo, Shadow, who are often on line there. The chat function on this site is also a good place to hangout as well to connect for flights.
      We have registered the 101st Awwesome Force in…[Read more]

      • Thanks killer. I will get ready for the battle for sinai. I tried using the chat but it keeps giving this message:

        “You are attempting to log out of Awesome Force… Do you really want to log out..”

        Therefore I can’t seem to get into chat. Do you know how to get into chat?

        • Two common ways to log into chat are:
          1. Log in and use the small menu at very top of page “Chat >> Chat”
          2. Click on the Chat image in Communications Widget on right hand side.
          Either way will open a new page and a new Chat window. I think the trick here is to not leave the Awesome Force page, which might be the reason why it asks to log you out…[Read more]

  • eldiablo posted an update in the group Squadriglia 167MAV: 7 years, 7 months ago

    Another good flight tonight with you guys , tkx @Sting @Killer @Baron … I was pretty scared by SA2 and triple A , but we managed to get some good kills
    Here’s my ACMI for TacView users
    Have a good night guys 😉