• Killer posted an update in the group Squadriglia 167MAV: 7 years, 10 months ago

    DEBRIEF: Squad_167MAV_Nuclear
    I need to reduce the number of flights in the package from 6 down to 5. Fury 1 was unable to establish IDM link with other flights, I think because as the sixth package they were beyond the limit of flights allowed in a package.

    The EF111 Ravenss were shotdown, probably because they extended too far into enemy territory. We need to have them back behind STPT 3 I think, and check their action at STPT2 for jamming.

    The B52 all made it to targte and appeared to get bombs on target, thanks to the lethal AA skills of Sting and his Hornets.

    There were certainly plenty of enemy fighters and they do not appear to require any improvement. Although I only gave them limited weapons 2 x Radar and 2 x IR missiles per aircraft.

    Everyone needs to understand how to “whisper” to their flight members in Teamspeak so we can break up into separate TS subchannels. Eventually we will transition into using IVC for comms, which will require even greater radio discipline. Too much general talk in the heat of battle.

    I appreciate that we are not all available at the same time, so we may have to run the mission repeatedly to accommodate all pilots.

    Once you have been assigned a task and a flight, it is up to you to learn and understand how to perform that function. Training missions will be conducted for those who need to practise particular weapon deployment. I myself, go to the target and realised I had forgotten how to deploy JSOW, I think I just dropped them off my wings somewhere over the targeta area and blew up an office building instead of the AAA battalion.

    I will check the countdown timer for accuracy. I will reset the time for the mission once we have edited it and enable resubmission for pilot slots in the new package configuration.

    Individual recognition
    @Sting for keeping cool under pressure and ensuring he and his Hornet flight accounted for significant enemy losses.
    @Zevy for eventually launching his AGM88 on the SA2. I am sorry for yelling at you Zevy and was relieved to see you finally got your shit together 🙂
    @Keko bravo for packing your parachute correctly
    @eldiablo for all the hardwork you put into preparing the squadron members. I am sorry you missed the flight.
    @Sidewinder Bravo for connecting to Teamspeak, now we need to find out how to login to this site.
    @maximus77 bravo for connecting to this site, now we need to figure out why you couldnt connect to teamspeak

    Everyone should make sure they understand how to use IVC for the next mission.

    Please provide any feedback you have on the mission tonight by replying here