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    Hi Killer, timezone is +8.00 GMT. Are you guys in Australian time zone? When do you guys normally fly? I would like to you join you in your flights.

    • Most of us here are around GMT +10. Qld Australia for me, sounds like you are in WA?

    • Is there a way we can meet in ts or chat and do some flying? I can join you during your evening time.

    • The Teamspeak image on the rigt will take you to a public teamspeak Server within which we have a Channel “101st Awesome Force”. Look for the likes of Coco, Eldiablo, Shadow, who are often on line there. The chat function on this site is also a good place to hangout as well to connect for flights.
      We have registered the 101st Awwesome Force in the upcoming Battle For Sinai, which I believe is starting today and I will register you there as well. BFS “Battle For Sinai” looks like being where all the action will be for now. Check the link Frag order on the right for updated info or in the Squadron page for 101st FS

      • Thanks killer. I will get ready for the battle for sinai. I tried using the chat but it keeps giving this message:

        “You are attempting to log out of Awesome Force… Do you really want to log out..”

        Therefore I can’t seem to get into chat. Do you know how to get into chat?

        • Two common ways to log into chat are:
          1. Log in and use the small menu at very top of page “Chat >> Chat”
          2. Click on the Chat image in Communications Widget on right hand side.
          Either way will open a new page and a new Chat window. I think the trick here is to not leave the Awesome Force page, which might be the reason why it asks to log you out of chat. The chat window was originally embedded in the page and I managed to extract it as a separate module, but I think you should keep open also the Awesome Force site to keep you logged in. You can stil browse elsewhere on the site and open new tabs etc in your browser, just dont close the AF site.

          I think !?