• eldiablo posted an update 7 years, 2 months ago

    Good missions with @Shadow , @Cali and @Recker , we achieve some good run , in the last one I had a blast flying with you guys 😉
    I’m loking for more

    • Excellent flights tonight with @Eldiablo! We took off, bombed and Mavericked ground troops, shot down SU’s, landed at alternate, refueled, took off again, shot down more bandits and then formation landings. That is what I call a well rounded mission!

    • Good flights Eld in the last few days. Today was probably my last flight for the next 7 months.

    • I think that today we were flying like we were used to do in FC we were exciting, fighting, swearing, sweating, screaming, killing, covering, managing…last flight with you and Shad’ was really a blast of sensations… when i took my break, i realized how much i screamed out my self, my throat was almost without voice to talk…have a nice trip, and take care of you…we’ll see againg as soon as you can get back on line. Cya mate 😉

    • thanks for the flight guys. It was good to catch up at last. here’s some fraps from that night.

    • Cool video Recker, I enjoyed the watch