• eldiablo posted an update 7 years, 3 months ago

    next Campaign in Archer
    we are suppose to change side , we’ll fly in blue thise time, If all of you are down with it , plz leave a comment or else tell us if you may want to stay in red side.
    Cya 😉

    • to me , go in blue will be all right

    • Im fine with Blue

    • Flew a 4 ship Interdiction with Shadow, Coco and Cali. All got bombs on target and the Reds now have a few less Su30 as well. Good Stuff

    • i was flying the whole night , with out catch ya , when i get back on line after few hours of sleep Coco , Shad and Cali were still there.
      In one of sorties i made, I shooted down an enemy F16, i was coming from up high , i was 45 thousand feet , the guy was looking for me , he saw my signal on his RWR , but I was winchester , with just some bullets on cannon , we went to the merge , he past below me , and the moment he went under neat me I got a good sight on him , i rolled top side down , and I came straight into him with my radar off. After roll out i found myself just couple of hundred feet on his back , I pulled the trigger and guy was gone … that was the most exciting manouvre i ever done in Archer ….

    • Well Hopefully I will be able to join in again soon.