• Coco posted an update 7 years, 4 months ago

    Just a little fun the other night… I logged on late last night to the Sinai PvP and I was the only one flying for Israel. There were about 7 pilots for the Egytian side. I took off from Bengurion and flew west for about 40 miles at 35,000. Then I dove north over the sea on the deck and headed west again. Came in hot over Baluza and just as there were 4 jets taxing on threshold I dropped 3 pairs of durandals right down the guts of the runway. as I pulled away and looked over my shoulder I could see the headlights of the F16’s as they proceeded to taxi on to the active. Not afew seconds later I could see a fireball as I’m sure lead tried to take off.

    My second attempt was on Alysmalia’s dual runways. With 35 miles to target skimming the sand dunes I was taken out by two 9P’s. As I rolled upside I ejected sideways and I’m sure both my legs were broken and two crushed discs.

    When I scanned the 2D map I saw that Kirban had 8 human pilots stationed their and at least four of them were in the air. With no time to lose I waited till the 4 ship was closer to the FLOT and took off to the Southwest at angels 35. As I scanned the horizon at night I saw a 4 ship heading East and wondered if they were retaliating for my previous strike on Baluza.

    Just South of Bull I was lit up by 21’s on my six and I kept pushing west full burn mach 1.17. 60 from target I had 20’s and 16’s on the RWR at my 2 o’clock and there was no turning back now. Once again I dropped to the deck and made a straight line for Kirban. the 20’s and the 16’s dropped off the RWR and within two minutes it was another bombs away and three hits on the runway. As I pulled out and headed east like a man possessed I noticed I was down to 400 lbs of fuel and with a 16 in the RWR I had no choice but to eject… and lucky for only seconds later my jet was obliterated.

    The best part was seeing 8 Egytian pilots all in the UI saying, “Shit, now we have to fly out of Bilbays2”