Total War


Total War

Mission Type: Campaign Squadron: 75 Squadron Date: 1 May 2012 until 31 May 2012
Theatre: Korea PvP: Total War Take Off: Ramp Time: 11:30 UTC

Airport Twr (UHF/VHF) HSI LOC RWY Elev GPS Coord
Toksan 324.8/124.6 R010° 054X Dme52 02/20 L/R 447 N40°04.22′ E129°00.13′

Server Name: BadBoy IVC Enabled: Yes IVC AGC: Yes
Connect to IP: TBA in Chat Dedicated IVC Server: TBA in Chat
Connection Bandwidth: 512 Dedicated IVC Server Password: TBA in Chat
Preplanned Radio Comms | Confirm frequencies in Chat
Radio ATC UHF (Ground): Set Tower UHF 15 Radio Package UHF (In Flight): UHF 13
Radio VHF (Flight 1): Set Default VHF1 Radio VHF (Flight 2): Set Default VHF2
Radio VHF (Flight 3): Set Default VHF3 Radio VHF (Flight 4): Set Default VHF4
Squadron Air Tasking Order
Pilot slots available: 10 / 14

Bookings are closed for this event.

Pilot Roster

Theatre Korea PvP: Total War Download
Order of Battle

Final preflight briefing will be held in the 75 Squadron Chat Room 15 mins prior to flight
Datacard Link Reference Material Campaign Files
ACMI Download Link: Flight ACMI Mission Debriefs

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