Battle For Sinai


Battle For Sinai

Mission Type: Campaign Squadron: 101st FS Date: 22 Oct 2012 until 31 Dec 2012
Theatre: Israel Take Off: Taxi Time: 07:30 UTC

Airport Twr (UHF/VHF) Tcn Ch Tcn Rng ILS (RWY) Runway Elev GPS Coord
Hatzerim 341.00/131.15 100x 33 111.5 (14R) 14/32 L/R 580 N31°21.013′ E34°32.362′

Server Name: Falcon-Online IVC Enabled: Yes IVC AGC: Yes
Connect to IP: TBA in Chat Dedicated IVC Server: TBA in Chat
Connection Bandwidth: TBA Dedicated IVC Server Password: Dedicated IVC Server Password
Preplanned Radio Comms | Confirm frequencies in Chat
Radio ATC UHF (Ground): Set Tower UHF 15 Radio Package UHF (In Flight): UHF 13
Radio VHF (Flight 1): Set Default VHF1 Radio VHF (Flight 2): Set Default VHF2
Radio VHF (Flight 3): Set Default VHF3 Radio VHF (Flight 4): Set Default VHF4
Squadron Air Tasking Order
Pilot slots available: 18 / 20

Bookings are closed for this event.

Pilot Roster
********* Approved Flight 1 1
********* Approved Flight 1 1


On March 8, 1969, In order to regain the Sinai Peninsula from Israeli Control, Egyptian Forces Decide to go on a Major Offensive and once again regain control of the Sinai.
Egyptian forces have successfully pushed back Israeli forces till back Bir El Hassana.

ISRAELI Briefing:

In a surprise attack Egyptian forces have flanked us from the Sinai Valley and Taken control of the St.Catherine Airbase and Power Plant that are essential for maintaining control in the Southern Sinai Peninsula.
We have lost control of the Western Sinai and now Egyptian forces have pushed our Forces all the way back to Bir El Hassana City.
If Bir El Hassana City and it’s neighboring towns fall to Egyptian control it will pave the way for enemy forces to reach Beer Shiva and then Tel Aviv!
Our Objective on the first day of war is to clear the airspace over the Sinai peninsula and repel any Egyptian attacks on our ground troops and Strategic targets!
Protect our naval Assets and watch out for Egyptian Air Raids from the Mediterranean Sea.
Beware the Egyptian forces have strategically placed SA-6, SA-2, SA-3 and AAA Batteries all over the Western Sinai, you will need to use AGM-45 Shrikes to dispel these threats
Stop the Egyptian forces at all costs from reaching Beer Shiva or the war is LOST!
Once Air Superiority has been reached We will consolidate our forces and Push back the Egyptian forces till we reach Ismailia and then Cairo

Intel has reported a large Egyptian Division of Armored units rapidly advancing towards Bir El Hassana STOP THEM! before all is LOST


Final preflight briefing will be held in the 101st FS Chat Room 15 mins prior to flight
Datacard Link Reference Material Campaign Files
ACMI Download Link: Flight ACMI Mission Debriefs

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