May 302012

The ECM employment adds a new interesting tactical aid to our MP mission, that’s worthy to be explored by mission builders.

1.) Only EA-6B Prowler, EF-111A Raven and EF/A-18G Growler can be tasked as “ECM”
2.) The ECM-Flight must be in the SAME PACKAGE as the flight they have to protect
3.) Enroute and Action have to be set to “JAM”
4.) The ECM-Flight will start jamming on the TOS of its first steerpoint (JAM)
5.) As in Reallife, EA-6B Prowler, EF-111A Raven and EF/A-18G Growler can only jam ground radar and not the radar of airplanes.The jammer in the pit protects ECM plane against radar of enemy fighters and some SAM sides. To protect other flights you have to set the STP to JAM, otherwise it doesn’t work.
6.) In Falcon 4.0 Allied Force ECM flights can jam all kind of SAM sides in a RADIUS of 40 miles by 100%
7.) Significant is the position of the ECM-Plane and not its flightpath
8.) If the distance between the ECM-Flight and the protected flights is more than 40 miles, the ECM-Flight still protects itself against enemy SAM sides
9.) If the ECM-Flight will be shot down, the SAM sides are active again immediately
10.) The ECM-Flight will stop jamming on the TOS of its last steerpoint (JAM). It doesn’t matter if it could reach the waypoint, or not
11.) If you delete an ECM-Flight during mission-building, the protection of this package is gone, although there’s another ECM-Flight in the same package
12.) It doesn’t matter on which altitude the ECM is flying

Protection is effective against:
– AAA (Radar)
– SA-2
– SA-3
– SA-4
– SA-5
– SA-6
– SA-8
– SA-10
– SA-11
– SA-15
– SA-17
– SA-19

– Tracer fire
– AAA (Optical)
– SA-7
– SA-14
– SA-16
– Carrier Task Force

The ECM needs to be the first flight into the engagement zones of the offending FCRs so that their radars can be adequately jammed.
The FCRs would be able to track and engage the ECM escorted flight if it entered at the same time as the jammers. This is especially true for the SA10

Human-ECM can be used during multiplayer missions and they are more effective, provided they follow the above underlined rules, expecially being in the same package.

Human flown ECM flights can provide a great advantage depending on the type of aircraft available. For example:

EF-111A “Raven”
This aircraft can only JAM and does not possess weapons. The aircraft is fast and can bug out when necessary. The Raven must be well protected, otherwise, ECM jamming coverage can be compromised.

EA-6B “Prowler”
The Prowler is able to JAM and carry weapons such as the AGM-88C. Unfortunately, this aircraft is very susceptible to AA threats due to it’s lack of AA weapons. Make sure this flight is well protected. It is less maneuverable than the Raven and requires constant AA escort. However, since it can carry HARMs, it is a great choice for quickly clearing the map of long range SAM threats.

EF/A-18G “Growler”
Growlers can carry a more varied assortment of weapons including HARMs. This is a very capable aircraft that can carry AA weapons and engage BVR. With this capability, the aircraft can be utilized more freely than the others when available. Though not usually recommended, there is much to be gained from multitasking this aircraft when it is on route to an ECM patrol.

The ECM flight seems to enjoy 100% protection. Similarly, once the ECM flight is established, the other flights of the package are able to enter the SA10’s threat ring without being engaged. Although the FCR sometimes tracked and fired on some aircraft, the missiles would go ballistic from launch.

The ECM flights will not be able to hinder the other side’s ability to vector fighters to the area.
IADS is affected but only when radar based acquisition is concerned. Optical and IR response remains active and, again, your relative position will most likely be known to them via AA radar of fighters, attack aircraft, ground units, etc.

Sep 212011
landing pattern

Landing Pattern

Whenever possible and practical we will endeavour to use the above landing pattern for the recovery of all airborne flights and packages. Study it, practice it and be prepared for it.